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A to Z Index (Glossary)

Amendment — A change proposed to a motion, bill or committee report with the intention of improving it or providing an alternative.

Bill — A proposal for a law that is to be considered by Parliament.

Debate — A discussion in which the arguments for and against a subject are presented according to specific rules.

Hansard — Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries.

Legislation — The Acts passed by Parliament, which make up the law.

Legislative Process — The process by which bills are approved by Parliament and become laws. A bill goes through three readings and study by a committee in both the House of Assembly and the Senate. After approval by both Houses, it receives Royal Assent and becomes law.

Out Of Order — Contrary to the rules of parliamentary procedure. The expression may be applied to motions, bills, or to any intervention that runs contrary to the rules of the Senate or of the House of Assembly. It could include words, behaviour or actions that are judged to be out of order by the Speaker of the Senate or of the House of Assembly.

Parliamentarian — A Senator or Member of the House of Assembly.

Parliamentary Procedure — The rules and traditions that determine how the Senate and House of Assembly carry out their business.

Report — A written or verbal statement by a committee to the Senate or to the House of Assembly giving the results of an inquiry, asking for additional powers or returning a bill after consideration, with or without amendments.

Royal Assent — The ceremony of Royal Assent is the last stage in the legislative process. It is one of Parliament's oldest proceedings.

Senate — The Upper House of Parliament.

Session — One of the fundamental time periods into which a Parliament is divided, usually consisting of a number of separate sittings. Sessions are begun by a Speech from the Throne and are ended by prorogation or dissolution.

Sitting — A meeting of the Senate or of the House of Assembly within a session. Although usually a calendar day, a sitting may last for only a matter of minutes or may extend over several days.

Table — To place a document before the Senate, the House of Assembly or a committee for consideration or consultation.